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Latest versions:  LBArchitect - v 0.10 + 1.0.0 beta 9, LBA Package Editor - v 0.11+, LBA Text Editor 2 - v 2.3,
LBA Font Editor - v 2.03+, LBA Shape Editor - v 0.01

  Little Big Architect beta 9
Version: 1.0.0 beta 9
2.15MBDownload English version490
6.41MBDownload source code103

The newest beta version of the LBArcitect, which can edit islands/rooms for LBA1, rooms for LBA2, and Scenes (active elements) from both LBA 1 and 2. This version is not actually less stable than regular version, it may even have less bugs, but it has got plenty of new features and changes in old features, which haven't been tested by many people (most of them was tested by me only), thus it is likely that something will not work properly sometimes (I recommend frequent saving so that your work is not lost), and not all features work with LBA 2 in addition. I release this version publicly because it has got very important changes (comapared to the last stable version), which shall appoint a new quality in LBA maps editing (a little marketing is not bad :)). They are:

  • Integration of Scene editor into Architect. Story Coder is not necessary any more (its author don't have time to develop it any more anyway). Now you can switch between terrain (Grid) editor and Scene editor at any time and changes will be kept. In addition the Scene editor is much more complex from the Story Coder's one, and the script compiler has got a sophisticated error detection and syntax highlight system. In the editor there are also command lists available with short descriptions, so script coding is much more enjoyable.
  • Terrain editor can now open Fragments (all at the same time), which are used by the map. This enables some now features, like possibility to reference Fragments by their names, not by positions in the HQR file (because these positions are not known at the script writing time), and then while generating HQR files for use in the game Designer program will attach the Fragments into compilation automatically.
  • Almost complete help for the Scene scripting language - there are only missing descriptions for a few commands and properties, that I couldn' understand.
The list of changes is of course much longer. I have given only the most important ones above (and even they imply lots of smaller ones. If you are interested in details I refer you to the ReadMe.txt file.

Here are two screenshots for an incentive:
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Found a bug in the program or have a suggestion? Use the Bugtracker (you don't have to register).
  Little Big Architect
Version: 0.10
1,32MBDownload English version456
426kBDownload source code142

With this program you can edit islands/rooms from LBA 1 and rooms from LBA 2! Program allows you to edit almost all map elements - Bricks and Layouts. Program offers many editing features and is user-friendly.
In the latest version you can edit Fragments from LBA 2 (there are problems with saving, so be careful) and create new bricks and layouts. Scene mode communication has beed developed also - all scene elements: tracks, zones and actors are now shown. In case of actors there is a prblem with dsplaying sprite actors. They are displayed in wrong positions and badly refreshed. Remember about this during editing scenes.

Found a bug in the program or have a suggestion? Use the Bugtracker (you don't have to register).

  LBA Story Coder
Version: 0.5.0
2.26MBDownload English version165

Write your own story! LBA Story Coder allows you to edit scene files (*.sc1, *.sce, scene.hqr) from LBA 1, so everyone can change the LBA storyline in any way. With this program you can edit characters appearing in every island, their behaviour, actions, zones, and much more! Of course this isn't easy, also the program is not perfect and doesn't allow editing of everything, but it is constantly developing. This program is made by Alexfont.

Found a bug in the program or have a suggestion? Use the Bugtracker (you don't have to register).

  LBA Package Editor
Version: 0.11+
465kBDownload English version589
99,4kBDownload source code155

This program can edit *.hqr, *.ile, *.obl, and *.vox files. It allows you to extract and replace files that are inside those archives. It has many additional features, like opening a file in an external program without unpacking it, descriptions for most of files, and large configuration and editing abilities.

Found a bug in the program or have a suggestion? Use the Bugtracker (you don't have to register).

  LBA Text Editor 2
Version: 2.3
413kBDownload bilingual version340
123kBDownload source code157

With this program you can edit *.lbt files, which contain texts displayed in the game. Besides the program has following features:

  • character conversion map (useful for translating to laguages, that use national characters),
  • ability to adjust character set, that the program will use (and direction of text),
  • preview text using LBA font,
  • file structure changing ability (adding, deleting and moving texts),
  • file type autodetection (LBA 1 or 2),
  • translator mode - allows you to simultaneously display appropriate texts from different files,
  • ability to create your own translations of the program,
  • ability to open and save xml files.
Found a bug in the program or have a suggestion? Use the Bugtracker (you don't have to register).
  LBA Font Editor
Version: 2.03+
332kBDownload English version451
41,9kBDownload source code164

This program can edit file that contains font. If you think the original font is boring, this program is for you. The font can be edited like a regular bitmap (including copying and pasting fragments). For copying and pasting the regular clipboard is used, so it is easy to convert a regular font to an LBA font by typing letters in, for example, Paint and pasting them into the editor.

Found a bug in the program or have a suggestion? Use the Bugtracker (you don't have to register).

  LBA Shape Editor
Version: 0.01
238kBDownload English version395
17.2kBDownload source code150

It can edit LBA 2 shapes (stars flying out of characters when they get hurt, etc.).

  LBA Hebrew Converter
Version: 1.0
239kBDownload English version172

Converts LBA texts to be aligned to the right edge of the screen and reversed. It will be useful if you want to make LBA translation to a language that reads from right to left (eg. Hebrew).
After last release (not released to the public), ChaosFish (who I made this program for) didn't report any bugs for a long time, so I regard this program as finished.

  LBA Text Editor
Version: 1.4
257kBDownload bilingual version119

With this program you can edit *.lbt files, that contain texts displayed in game.
Version 1.4 - fixed end-chars adding bug.
This program is no longer updated. Use LBA Text Editor 2 instead.

  HQR File Manager
311kBDownload English version133

A program to manage HQR archives, which LBA uses to store graphics, 3D models and other stuff.
This program is no longer updated. Use LBA Package Editor instead.