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Latest versions:  LBArchitect - v 0.10 + 1.0.0 beta 9, LBA Package Editor - v 0.11+, LBA Text Editor 2 - v 2.3,
LBA Font Editor - v 2.03+, LBA Shape Editor - v 0.01

  LBA 2 Walkthrough (Polish only)
7,17MBDownload Polish version25

LBA 2 Walkthrough written by Grisz. Pretty complex, with screen shots. It has some spelling errors, but it is legible :). Link at the right is for downloading. If you want just to see it, click here.
WARNING: large files!

Here is the link to the original file in author's page:

  Resource files description
Revision: 1.0
3,19kBDownload English version17

HQR, VOX, ILE and OBL archive format description. These files contain various files used by LBA. Includes description of the compression used in the archives.

  LBA 1 Walkthrough (Polish only)
5,01kBDownload Polish version27

LBA 1 Walkthrough written by Aleksander Jarecki. It is not super-detailed, but it's good that it is :). Link at the right is for downloading. If you want just to see it, click here.

  Room files descriptions
Revision: 1.2
14,2kBDownload English version22

Descriptions of files containing islands/rooms in LBA 1 and rooms in LBA 2.

  Scene file description for LBA 1
Revision: 2
19,6kBDownload English version21

Description of file, which contains scenes, that is arrangements of charackters in rooms, it also says what happens when someone goes to specified place, and describes various room parameters.
This document was written by AlexFont.

  Font file description
Revision: 1.01
1,42kBDownload Polish version24
1,32kBDownload English version28

Description of file, which contains font in the game. Usable for those who want to expand their knowledge, or who want to write a font editor.

  Shape file description
Revision: 1.0
1,32kBDownload Polish version21
1,20kBDownload English version25

Description of file, which contains shapes (stars flying out of Tweinsen when he gets hurt, snoring "Z"`s, etc.).